Live Room Decor for Raksha Bandhan

By | August 18, 2018

Festivity is around the corner and Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival with great fervour for every brother & sister and we wish that festivity should be evident in the ambience of your sweet home. These tips will foster you with the simplest ideas to decorate your living room for this Raksha Bandhan also give your guest and siblings the warmest welcome ever.

Live Room Decor for Raksha Bandhan

  • Illuminate your house

The foremost thing to pay utmost attention is that your living room is brightened up to give it a festive touch. The adequate lighting will do half of the job with lamps and decorative light to give everyone the impression of perfect festive mood. You can even add exuberance using vivacious colours like adding more of green, red, orange, yellow, blue etc. to augment the look of your living room. You can add these colours to cushions, curtains, Sofa covers, carpet etc.

  • Colourful Rangoli

Making a Rangoli at the doorsteps is just indispensable for festivals especially like Raksha Bandhan as it is considered that it brings allows positivity to come along with the guest moreover it looks really gratifying to anyone’s eyes and is a perfect idea for living room’s entrance. The Rangoli can be decorated with flowers or colours and it is imperative to make Rangoli is a mark of festivity in Indian tradition.

  • Beautiful Flowers and Vases

We all love flowers as they spread the fragrance of joy and happiness around and so it is mostly used on almost every festival in our tradition. One can look for beautiful vases very easily and at reasonable prices also. You can embellish your house with the help of vases and fancy flowers which can beautify any place and you can even colour these vases with vibrant colours to match your living room decoration. You use a bowl filled with water on the table and add flowers and scents to it which exudes fragrance to your living room.

  • Traditional Paintings

Traditional paintings not only look good occasionally but they also adorn your house to beautify the interior of any building or home. So a traditional painting which is full of vivid colours and exuberance is perfect for a festival like Raksha Bandhan to give everyone the festive vibes. You can get prodigious designs on the internet and you can get them printed which are the highly economical idea and get it framed. Apart from that, you can also get from any of the home décor shops because this style of decoration is very much in trend.

  • Colourful mats and carpet

The easiest and quickest thing to do is to change the carpets or mats to revamp your living room as this part is usually neglected but if you are changing your mats and carpets it automatically makes you feel the change. If you are making the right selection of your carpets like feather carpets, animal print carpet or any other designer carpets will definitely make you realize what you have missed achieving in a laid-back way. You can also order home décor & furniture at the astonishing prices online which are available in a vast variety and is just a click away.

  • Festival oriented decoration

These days you will find a lot of festive decoration which is specific to a festival and a wide number of options are available in the market which is inexpensive as well as most easily doable. So you can order any decorative pots, Puja thalis, ready-made Rangoli’s, colourful LED lights, LED Candles, party confetti and much more which one can use anytime on any traditional festival. Let this Rasha Bandhan strengthen your bond and brings happiness with the beautiful decoration.

  • Torans and Bandhanwars

Torans have their own imperative place during festivals as this is again a mandate in order to welcome the guest during the festive days. Raksha Bandhan is again one of the eminent festivals and Bandhanwans should be used at your doors to gracefully welcome your siblings. Bandhanwans are easily available in the market and in fact, markets are encumbered with hoards of it in various designs a few weeks before the festival so that you can make arrangements in advance.

  • Ceiling décor and paper lanterns

The ceiling is not generally noticed unless it has some eye-catchy elements in it so adding one can really revamp the entire look of your living room. Paper lanterns come in vivid colours and can be used to decorate your ceiling so you can opt for all the gaudy colours to give your living room a lively look. One can make their own paper lanterns with different patterns and colours of your choice.

  • Decorate using Diyas

Diyas are considered to be very auspicious and customarily denotes the celebration apart from this Diyas look astonishingly beautiful as they illuminate the house and enhance the beauty of the house. One can make their own DIY Diyas by decorating it using glitters, mirrors, etc. or you can even buy them from the market. You can even use a brass bowl and fill it with water then let the lit Diyas float in it which can be kept at the entrance or at the table or near the window.

  • Garland Decoration

Garlands are perfect for the occasion as it looks good on any party, festival, marriages, event etc. So choosing the right garland is where your creativity comes to picture. You can opt for colours like yellow or orange as they instantly brightened your living room. Garlands are again used during a gala time and hence can be found easily in the market offering you enormous styles and colours like colourful flower garland, fringed garland, tassel garland, crystal garland etc. which can be made at home or can be bought from the market.


Here we have left no stone unturned to make your Raksha Bandhan the most memorable one and you can impress your brother in no time. These arrangements may sound cumbersome but if you try them this Raksha Bandhan you will realize that neither they are time-consuming nor tedious nor exhausting at the same time you will enjoy making little efforts for your beloved brother.

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